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ALIANMISAR’s credibility was further bolstered by its commitment to ongoing follow-up on the results of monitoring to ensure the correct implementation of legislative and public policy mandates . A focus on the population served includes the development of norms, practices, and standards to ensure that health services are culturally appropriate and enable Indigenous women to deliver in the most comfortable position for them. For example, vertical birth is a common cultural practice among Indigenous women in Guatemala.

We identified five different but complementary factors that enabled ALIANMISAR to successfully collaborate with other sectors and contributed to knowledge and evidence that was used to advocate for changes to health services and care for Indigenous women in Guatemala. In hundreds of different ways, violence directed against women acquired the characteristics of genocide in the sense that it was an attack on the social fiber of the communities. The aim was to exterminate the women and children of many communities, as a way of killing off future generations and the continued transmission of culture. These findings suggest research should be more attentive to the experiences and perspectives of non-migrating female partners, to counter the migrant-centric accounts in labour migration literature. At the policy level, the Guatemalan government could consider providing support to women left behind. Leith Dunn and Heather Gibb provide illustrative examples of social work supports in the Jamaican context in the Canadian Development Report 2010.

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The women of CONAVIGUA are weary, receiving no support from the government and frightened by the presence of the military in the streets. Many fear accusations from the authorities that they themselves are responsible for spreading COVID as they move between towns and village communities. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more families struggle to survive, with unemployment, fear, the number of people infected, and deaths rising. Prioritizing the experiences of marginalized communities like Santa Nimá and individuals like Virginia reveals the nature and sources of gaps between policies and their impacts. In Guatemala, the impacts of VAW reforms were unevenly felt, with those who are already the most marginalized benefiting the least. This uneven impact can be explained by the failure to address broader structures of power rooted not just in gender, but also class, ethnicity, and place, both within state institutions and in the broader society.

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Yet, when she moved to the capital to continue her studies at the age of 15, she stopped in order to blend in, feel less discriminated and be less prone to catcalling. Twelve years later, while studying anthropology—which she ethiopian marriage culture believes is laden with racism—she decided to wear her Indigenous güipiles, skirts, aprons, sashes and shawls to regain her identity. In 2016, she joined the Weavers’ Councils National Movement (Ruchajixik ri qana’ojb’äl).

  • Cases in regions without access to specialized courts default to ordinary courts, which has proven consequential in the number of cases resolved by adjudication and the type of sentence rendered .
  • According to photo activist Linda Forsell, most young girls face expulsion from school if they are visibly pregnant.
  • As well as exploring how to fund ALIANMISAR in the long term it needs to include an evaluation of how it works, what it works on, and the outcomes and impacts for Indigenous women and communities.
  • It isn’t worth thinking that these ladies consider men a chance to get out of poverty and abuse.
  • The NAP situates the suggested action items within the country’s post-war context, highlighting the links between wartime aggression and post-conflict violence perpetrated against women.

In 2017, they filed legal action against the State of Guatemala before the Constitutional Court and demanded legal reform to achieve the right to collective intellectual property for the creations. The legal process is ongoing but has created awareness of copyright issues and Indigenous rights. That same year, the weaver’s movement also demanded the Guatemalan tourism institute stop folklorizing Indigenous women as a part of their tourism programs, especially as Indigenous women weavers are not direct beneficiaries of the income the programs generate. Xinico Batz has been vocal about how appropriating the creations of Indigenous women not only impoverishes them and disrespects their work and culture but also serves as a form of dispossession that existed since colonial times. Wetherborn’s grandparents moved from Jamaica to Guatemala to work for the United Fruit Company.

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This article demonstrates that these reforms’ impacts were unevenly felt, with the most marginalized benefiting the least. It explains this gap by drawing on a historical intersectional analysis, and reveals the importance of including place alongside more commonly studied categories of difference.

Because these acts are omissions and modifications to the law’s intended application, an overhaul of the law itself is unnecessary. Rather, the focus can be more externally-oriented on driving initiatives like expanding regional access to specialized courts and services , funding providers, building networks, and prioritizing case-management. Connecting legal-foundational support with locally-assessed disparities can further empower participation and support individuals’ transition from victims to active agents of change. According to an interview with the Unit of Directorate for Investigation , only about 50 percent of complaints filed with the MP are sent to UDI for further investigation, with the remaining complaints being dismissed (WOLA, 2019; Ruiz, 2018). Without the proper collection, testing, and presentation of evidence, to include victim and witness testimony, courts are unable to fairly render judgments against accused persons, and many cases are dismissed by the MP prior to a preliminary hearing or trial before the court. Although acting within its prosecutorial discretion, it is unclear whether the cases dismissed by the MP actually lacked a factual basis sufficient for prosecution from the outset, or if they were just poorly investigated. This also raises serious questions about the willingness and capacity to prioritize and adjudicate complaints of gender-based violence in ordinary courts.

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